Welcome To Lake Sara

Lake Sara is full of recreational oppurtunites, everything from fishing, skiing, canoeing and kayaking amongst others. All lake craft require an EWA sticker. These stickers can be purchased at 5 different locations. They include, Blue Gill Marina, Larson's Landing Marina, Lake Sara Marina, Anthony Acres and Mach 1 gas station on Highway 32/33. Prices are as follows:

A license (Yearly Non motorized) $15- These are for all canoes, kayaks and paddle boards.  

B License (Yearly) $75- This is for motorized boats. 

Temporary License (3 day pass) $25- This is for a consecutive three days on the lake.

If you are new to Lake Sara please read and follow all rules associated with Lake Sara and the State of Illinois "Boating and Safety Regulations"